Learning Bambara (Bamanankan)

A Youtube channel for Bambara Speakers and Learners
Videos for speaking, learning and exploring the Manding language in all of its forms: Bambara, Jula, Malinké, Mandinka. New "Na baro kè" video every month. More info at www.ankataa.com. What I love about these videos is that the instructor takes you around Bamako talking to people about each theme, so you hear the voices of indigenous Bmabara-speakers. 

Don o don, tulo bɛ taa kalanso. Every day, the ear goes to school.
"I bisimila ! Welcome to our web site on the Bambara language of Mali, bamanankanHere you'll find resources to help you as you learn this great West African language." A Bambara/Bamanakna lexicon online and in downloadable PDF.


Mali   [màli] 
n.pro. Mali. Category: Country.

mali   [màli] 
n. hippopotame; hippo. Category: Animals - wild.