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The February Chiwara Is Out!

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The Richmond Chiwara Newsletter - our 37th monthly edition!

The Richmond Chiwara, November 2022 Très Chers Tous, Salutations à tous nos Ami.e.s à Richmond et à Ségou.  Que Dieu vous bénisse!  We salute all our Friends in Ségou and in Richmond. God bless you all! In this issue:  American Thanksgiving    C’est quoi? Ségou, une ville du Mali    SEGOU, a city in MALI - A series written by  écrit par  Madani Sissoko & Macky Tall et ...  a little visit by Kida!   We were very happy in Richmond to enjoy the visit of Madani Sissoko in early October, coinciding with the commemoration of Gabriel’s rebellion against slavery in favor of freedom. Nous étions fort heureux de recevoir notre ami ‘Kida’ Sissoko début octobre en visite à Richmond, coïncidant avec la commémoration de la rébellion de Gabriel contre l'esclavage en faveur de la liberté. Want more?  Vouloir plus? S'abonner !   Subscribe to The Richmond Chiwara delivered right to your inbox!

Did you miss it? Sister Radio at ICU!

Among the many things to love about this video is the photo essay at the opening and closing of the event. "Women Speaking Volumes!" Sister Radio at #sisterradio #richmondsegou #radiobywomen #womensvoices #wrir #radiosikoro

Standing in Solidarity Against Hatred

The City of Richmond has six sister cities: Richmond upon Thames ENGLAND, Saitama JAPAN, Zhengzhou CHINA, Windhoek NAMIBIA, Olsztyn POLAND, and Segou MALI. We stand together in agreement with the following Sister Cities International statement, in solidarity against hatred: Sister Cities International Members and Friends, We are saddened to hear about the continued abuse and violence toward the Asian American and Pacific Islander (AAPI) communities. Heightened by the pandemic, violence towards the AAPI community has been increasing at a frightening rate. While we acknowledge that anti-Asian rhetoric is unfortunately not a new phenomenon, it is discouraging and disheartening to see its terrible effects in our communities. Sister Cities International is an organization that values the building of cultural bridges, and the acts that we are witnessing in this time are much too reminiscent of past mistakes that have hurt communities immensely. The profound harm caused by racism, hate, an

Sister Radio launched their website!

 Bonjour nos amis! Ca fait longtemps, n'est-ce pas? We are so pleased to share the announcement that the Sister Radio Project has launched a website! And it is beautiful! Congratulations! Please support!

Happy National Mali Day!!!

SISTER RADIO : The Sister Radio documentary follows the lives of two young journalists working in sister radio stations almost 5000 miles apart. Check it out!! Support it via Patreon. Project site on WRIR: Documentary Trailer: VFOM invites you to join us in celebrating the Republic of Mali as it marks the 60th anniversary of independence from its status as a colony of France.  Join us at 1 pm (5 pm Mali time) today on Instagram @ChopSueyBooks for readings and discussion about our Sister Cities Friendship between Mali and Virginia Chop Suey Books' Ward Tef will welcome Ana Edwards, and she, if we're very lucky, will chat with Kadidia Samake Konate from Bamako! She is VCU alumnus who can speak to the experience of being a Malian in Virginia. What is a sister city relationship? How did the sister city get started? Who was involved? Why Segou?  What projects have been done?  Has it been a good thing?

The current crises in Mali

VFOM occasionally posts links to articles we think may help illuminate what is happening in Mali at this moment. We do not claim to endorse the content of these essays but share them for your information. First is a link to our monthly newsletter, The Richmond Chiwara , where we cover topics about people from Mali and Virginia. You will find a Subscribe button there as well. The second link is to an essay written on Aug. 18th by our board member, Robin Edward Poulton, and published for TRANSCEND Network for Peace, Development and Environment . The third and fourth links are to posts on a blog called Bridges From Bamako , written by Bruce Whitehouse, a former Peace Corps volunteer and Fulbright Scholar in Mali, who has blogged his views on Mali for many years. Here are two pieces he wrote on Aug. 19th an