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The February Chiwara Is Out!

February in America is Black History Month, and this will be a theme of this month’s Newsletter .  Black History Month is a great time for teachers to introduce Sunjata the Lion King to their 3rd grade students who will learn about the medieval Empire of Mali (a standard of learning requirement for elementary students in Virginia). Past Issues!

The Richmond Chiwara Newsletter - our 37th monthly edition!

The Richmond Chiwara, November 2022 Très Chers Tous, Salutations à tous nos Ami.e.s à Richmond et à Ségou.  Que Dieu vous bénisse!  We salute all our Friends in Ségou and in Richmond. God bless you all! In this issue:  American Thanksgiving    C’est quoi? Ségou, une ville du Mali    SEGOU, a city in MALI - A series written by  écrit par  Madani Sissoko & Macky Tall et ...  a little visit by Kida!   We were very happy in Richmond to enjoy the visit of Madani Sissoko in early October, coinciding with the commemoration of Gabriel’s rebellion against slavery in favor of freedom. Nous étions fort heureux de recevoir notre ami ‘Kida’ Sissoko début octobre en visite à Richmond, coïncidant avec la commémoration de la rébellion de Gabriel contre l'esclavage en faveur de la liberté. Want more?  Vouloir plus? S'abonner !   Subscribe to The Richmond Chiwara delivered right to your inbox!

Did you miss it? Sister Radio at ICU!

Among the many things to love about this video is the photo essay at the opening and closing of the event. "Women Speaking Volumes!" Sister Radio at #sisterradio #richmondsegou #radiobywomen #womensvoices #wrir #radiosikoro