Richmond House

Promoting Girls Education!

Downloadable project description

Richmond House Hostel for Schoolgirls
This residence will provide in-town access for girls from outlying villages to attend urban schools. After school they will attend the Richmond House Youth Equity in Leadership
House rent, headmistress/guardian, room/board supplies

Richmond House Youth Equity in Leadership
Designed to promote gender equity through sports, arts, and other outdoor activities that will be organized and led by girl-boy leadership pairs, with the mentorship/coordination of an adult supervisor. Construction of sports fields, shelters with tables, latrines/wash stations, storage sheds, community garden, supplies, adult supervisor/coordinator.

Mentorship and Mentorship Training
Transportation, supplies, provisions for 5 student mentors from University of Segou to work with Richmond House girls and leadership groups, coordinated by the Richmond House Project Coordinator.

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