The Segou-Richmond Sister Radio Project has begun!

Cameron and Andee are shown in a video greeting they sent to the group of ten young jounalists who make up the Radio Sikoro half of the Sister Radio project. 
Sister Radio is an independent documentary following the partnership between two independent radio stations from two sister cities: WRIR 97.3 fm in Richmond, Virginia and Radio Sikoro in Segou, Mali, as they build a program to educate women in Segou on radio broadcasting and radio production. The program is called Sister Radio in which Radio Sikoro sends an intern to Richmond to learn the elements of radio production under the tutelage of WRIR radio producers. The intern will then go back to Segou where she will relay the knowledge she accumulated to other women interested in making their voices heard through Mali radio.

Andee and Cameron arranged for several interviews in advance so they would lose no time getting to work. These shots are from their first interviews in the capital city of Bamako. Khadidia Samake Toure (on the left) lives in Bamako and graduated from VCU in 2017 (having delivered a baby and a thesis the same week!). One of the other women is a producer with ORTM-Africable, Mali's broadcast communications company, and we do not have a name for the third woman. 
Here we see Andee and Cameron experiencing one of the great joys of visiting Mali - dresses made to fit by a local tailor from Malian cotton. The indigo designs are usually produced by local women's collectives. The woman on the right in the photo above is wearing a full indigo outfit.