12 August 2016

After 7 year hiatus, Mali to hold mayoral elections

According to an announcement by the president's office of the Malian government, the country will hold mayoral elections nationwide on November 20, 2016. The race in Richmond's sister city, Segou, will be between several candidates including Mayor Ousmane K. Simaga (incumbent since 2009) and current city councilllor (and Segou sister city commissioner) Madani Sissoko. Both men will be part of the delegation travelling to Richmond in October as guests of VFOM with assistance from the Richmond Sister City Commission. Stay tuned for details on their visit. 

Mali: élections municipales le 20 novembre (officiel)

Following excerpt translated by Google Translate. Click the link above to see entire story, in French.
Malians are called to elect their mayors November 20 "throughout the national territory", seven years after the last municipal elections in this country plagued by unrest, the government said Wednesday. 
The Council of Ministers met on Wednesday under the leadership of President Ibrahim Boubacar Keïta "adopted a draft decree convening the electoral college, opening and closing of the electoral campaign on the occasion of the election of municipal councilors," says government in a statement. 
The campaign should open on November 4 and end on 18 November, he said. 
11 August 2016

07 August 2016


to be published in the Fall of 2016 by Edwin Mellen Press:

The Limits of Democracy and the Post-Colonial Nation State: Mali’s Democratic Experiment Falters while Jihad and Terrorism Grow in the Sahara
by Robin Edward Poulton and Raffaella Greco Tonegutti

This book is a follow-up to the famous peace study A PEACE OF TIMBUKTU (1998). It tells the story of Mali's failures since the turn of the millennium, including the how and why Al Qaida and ISIS rose to prominence and helped undermine the democracy of Mali and the stability of the Sahara.

03 August 2016

Richmond House / Maaya Musow: Finish the Well Campaign

Dear Friends,

We have launched a GoFundMe campaign to Finish the Segou-Richmond House Well.

We are so CLOSE! In mid July the digging had reached 9.8 meters and struck water. The next phase is to construct the stabilizing walls, apron foundation and apron, pump system and well cover. All before the rains inundate the worker's efficacy. Once the well is finished we can proceed to the next step: constructing the first building. You can be part of something long lasting, effective and wonderful.

Download information on the Segou-Richmond House project. Give to this effort. Consider a long term commitment to it as well.


Join us on Friday, September 23, at the Neighborhood Resource Center at Fulton Hill for a National Mali Day concert to benefit the Richmond House / Maaya Musow project.

Thank you!