20 November 2013

"Making Of the Women, War & Peace Conference" by Kadidia Samake

19 November 2013

New (online) TV Series on MTVu features Mali, y'all

Rebel Music

11/25 on mtvU 9/8c. 
A brave group of Malian musicians defy the State of Emergency and rally together to stage a rebellious public concert for peace and unity in their country.
Un groupe de musiciens courageux de Mali défis l'état d'urgence et organise un concert publique militant pour la paix et l'union au Mali.

17 November 2013

Two interviews aired for Women, War and Peace Conference 2013

Robin Edward Poulton was guest of Liz Humes on her weekly book review show, Wordy Birds, on September 13, on Richmond Independent Radio, WRIR lp 97.3 FM and WRIR.ORG

Robin Poulton is the co-chair of the VCU conference Women War and Peace. His book is called A Peace of Timbuktu: Democratic Governance, Development and African Peacemaking. It’s about his involvement in peace making and the small arms disarmament that ended a 1996 Tuareg rebellion. He is the vice president of Virginia Friends of Mali and he’s worked with the United Nations in Geneva disarmament research and written about disarmament issues in Sierra Leone and Liberia, Cambodia and Afghanistan. On this show, Robin explains the Tuareg conflict and provides insight as to why resolution is such a difficult thing for Mali to achieve. Listen to the show: http://wordybirds.org/2013/09/20/robin-poulton/

Zakiyatou Oualett Halatine was featured on Lightly on the Ground Radio, Wednesday, October 2, on Richmond Independent Radio, WRIR lp 97.3 FM and WRIR.ORG

"This is an unusual Lightly on the Ground episode in several ways," says host Patricia Stansbury. "My guest is Zakiyatou Oualett Halatine and she speaks with us over the internet from Mauritania where she has lived as a refugee since much of her town, including her home and business were burned on February 1, 2012. The audio is inconsistent, but what she says is well worth listening closely. She tells us how to build a sustainable business, what it is like to be barred from returning to her homeland, and the difference between the way men and women conceive of starting a microenterprise."
DOWLOAD PODCAST: http://radio4all.net/index.php/program/71929