01 March 2011

Now through July 1, 2011

Djita: Pearls of Wisdom from a Sister City

Djita is a girl born of Malian parents in Virginia and educated in several countries. Through the young life of this iconic figure, “Djita: Pearls of Wisdom from a Sister City” seeks to illustrate the rich diversity of Malian culture with mothers and children at its core. Djita’s story is a tangible witness of global shared values. Through 1 July 2011. Black History Museum and Cultural Center of Virginia

The main exhibition at the Black History Museum is Pearls of Wisdom: Black Families and the Nobility of Everyday Living. 
00 Clay St. Richmond VA 23219
804-780-0093 or information.bhm@gmail.com
Hours: 10am - 5pm / Tuesday - Saturday / Tickets $5 

Virginia Museum of Fine Arts permanent African Collection is very, very good and lives here in Richmond for your convenience, free of charge. The highlight of the museum's current offerings, however, is the special exhibition: Dynasty and Divinity: Ife Art of Ancient Nigeria. Bringing together bronze, terracotta and wood sculptures and artifacts from the 13-15th centuries for a first-time traveling exhibition that reveals that African technological practices were interrupted by the invasion and exploitation of European trade and colonization NOT that African was in any way behind.  This show ends on May 22, so DO NOT MISS IT.