22 November 2010

Goings on this fall

The whirlwind of activity surrounding the celebration of Mali's 50th anniversary and the visit by our friends from Segou has settled into a period of follow-up tasks and back to our core business for VFOM. Allan and Dana are working on new water projects by connecting Maggie L. Walker Governor's High School for International Studies with the secondary school system in Segou Mali to pair MWGHS with a local high school and work towards a partnership with a rural village to install a well. The Barbara Grey Travel Fund is slowly but steadily growing and will provides scholarship assistance for 3rd grade teachers traveling to Mali to support their efforts to teach The Empire of Mali as part of th Virginia's SOL curriculum for social studies and world history. Cultural exchange projects underway include a Segou based Peep This film camp, Sister City Internationl Youth Art Competition, Three Rivers Photography exhibit, a complementary exhibit at the Black History Museum and Cultural Center and English language immersion programs for Segou.

11 November 2010

New feature: PayPal Donate Button

You may have noticed that our primary website, vafriendsofmali.org, is a little out of whack and out of date. We've decided to call in professional help but hope you find this blog site to be useful in the meantime. One new feature is the Paypal Donate button (over there on the right). We hope you'll use it to help VFOM continue its work Teaching Timbuktu to teachers to strengthen their efforts to teach the Empire of Mali as part of the 3-6th grade social studies SOL.

03 November 2010

Cheick Hamala Diabate plays for visiting delegation

At a dinner sponsored by the African Community Network to welcome the sister city municipal delegation from Segou MALI, we were graced with the music of Cheick Hamala Diabate and his band at the home of VFOM member. Enjoy this song...